Jeden 3. Montag im Monat veranstalten wir das Antirep-Café in der LC36 zusammen mit dem EA-Köln und den Demosanis. Nach einer kurzen inhaltlichen Veranstaltung wird Musik aufgelegt und bei Bier, Softdrinks oder Tee gequatscht und sich ausgetauscht.

Infoveranstaltung zum Prozess gegen eine Anarchistin in Aachen

Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016, 18:00h
SSK Salierring (Salierring 37 und 41, 50677 Köln)

Aufgrund von Schwierigkeiten konnte die letzte Veranstaltung leider nicht stattfinden. Deswegen gibt es eine neue Veranstaltung am Sonntag. Im Prozess gegen eine anarchistische Genossin aus Amsterdam werden am 05.12. vermutlich die Plädoyers verlesen und am 08.12. das Urteil. Im schlimmsten Fall drohen ihr 5-12 Jahre Knast. Über Hintergründe, Repression, Solidarität und kommende Aktivitäten soll am Sonntag geredet werden.

(Der Vortrag findet auf Englisch statt, bei Bedarf wird eine Übersetzung ins Deutsche organisiert)

Infotalk about the arrest, detention, case and solidarity on one of the anarchists arrested by the prosecution of Aachen, Germany.

The story begins on a hot summer day of 2015, when a comrade was arrested on the Greek-Bulgarian border, because of an arrest warrant issued by the prosecution of Aachen, accusing her of a bank robbery that tool place in Aachen in 2013. After spending 5 months in detention she was released, with charges dropped and no conditions to her release. The very disappointed prosecution made recourse to the higher court, which was granted a trial which is set to begin on the 4th of November 2016. The same prosecution office has arrested in the spring of 2016 two other anarchists from Barcelona for a bank robbery that took place against a Pax Bank in 2014.

Although these two cases are seperated, we stand in solidarity with these three anarchists who do not fold their dignity, ethics and ideas in the wake of repression. It is of no importance to us whether they are guilty or innocent, these are binary logics used by the legal system to impose the laws that aim to determine a life of work, alienation, obedience and resignation. There are no legal parametres or strategic limits for anarchists to base their expression of solidarity towards comrades facing repression. These are not the measures nor principals that move us. Instead solidarity is an integral part of our struggle, responding to the need of standing beside our friends and affinities who face the blows of the State, and do not compromise their thirst for freedom and rebellion against a world based on exploitation and authority.

On you will find texts that are one of the many tools that we are using to take space and put our own words, thoughts and struggle into a repressive situation, which is often dictated by the suffocating and sentencing moves of our enemies and their official microphones, the mainstream media. Here you will find updates about the legal situations, texts of analysis about repression and prison, correspondence, actions claimed in solidarity with the implicated comrades and against the prison-system.

The touch one of us, they touch all of us.
until we all are free!